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Friday, August 25, 2006

life*fever changed home

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LIFE*FEVER has got a new home, with a brand new and fresh design that combines better with its' concept of INTENSE LIFESTYLE!! You can go throught or ! For all our friends that linked to us, I please ask all of them to link to one of this domains, for those who visit it daily, I ask them to go throught one of these domains!
Thank you all!
All the best

Fredericia Furniture


Trinidad chair is one of the many items of the amazing collection of Fredericia Furniture. Thia furniture Danish brand is a family-owned business, which has contributed to creating international respect for Danish design for generations. The business is closely connected to the name of Børge Mogensen and it produces the majority of the famous furniture architect’s classics. Since the beginning of the 1990s, co-operation with some of today’s best Danish designers has drawn renewed attention to Fredericia Furniture, the collection of which comprises some of the most talked about and prized furniture in recent years.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Good buys at Kzuid

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If you need to re-decorate your house, your space and your soul, Kzuid is the right place. You can find on this online shop from the Netherlands, almost everything, but fulfilled with color, beautifull patterns and a special harmony! You can find lamps, handbags, children accessories, amazing boxes, and lot's of other stuff! It's worth to visit!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

House in Rio

house in rio

While I was surfing on the web, I found this amazing house at House in Rio, and I completely fall in love. House in Rio is a website, runned by Jean-Luc Bucharent, Carlos Eduardo Schmidt (Rio departement) and Barbara Durand (Paris Dep.). Their purpose is to promote the "Brazilian Souç" concept as defined by Oskar Metsavaht (Osklen). In order to do so, this team selects places which reflect this spirit due to their architecture, location and potential of decoration, and present on the fabulous website.

house in rio

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lisa Solomon

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Lisa Solomon, lives in Oakland in California with her two dogs and three cats and she is an awarded artist, graduated in Practice of art at University of California.I discovered one of her works (this one) while I was surfing on the web some days ago and I loved it! She had this great ideia of adding some crochets doillies into Traywick Contemporany Gallery. She also painted some other geometric shapes, giving a special ambience into the exhibition.

S.Francisco By Blue Jake


I just found this amazing photo some weeks ago at blue jake, and today, reviewing my faves, I just popped with it.. As it says in the description, it represents a controversial idea: while San Francisco is a beautiful city, it is not a photogenic one. As Jake says, "All of my SF photographs turn into kitsch-- streetcars, cloudy skylines, the Golden Gate Bridge, homeless heroin addicts lying face-down in the streets of the Tenderloin. I took at least 500 frames, and got a total of three usable shots." !
Jake Dobkin, is a 29 year old amateur photographer living in New York City, runing blue jake, a photoblog wich I think everybody shoul take a look!

Soizic Stokvis at Atelier Eric Seydoux

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There is a new artist on Atelier Eric Seydoux, his name is Soizic Stokvis! He does printscreening, using geometric chapes with amazing colours! You can buy this artwork is here, by contacting Eric Seydoux.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tokyo Bulb by Lexon

Lexon to:

Lexon, one of the top hip french design brands, known worldwide, has launched along with the designer Marc Brethier the Tokyo Bulb, an rechargeable halogen light, that will give a special ambient and environement to every house who owns one. As René Adda says, lexon objects are based into a seduction characteristic, fullfiled with rigorous tecnical requirements, and I trully believe this is one of the most evident examples of it! You can buy it here.

Anna Torfs

Anna Torf

Since 1994 Anna Torfs has been working from the Czech Republic as a freelance designer realizing mainly furniture and decorative glass collections for several European as well as Czech companies. In August 2002 the time had come to launch her own collection, this is when the "Anna Torfs" collection was founded. Her creations are very soft and smoth, in a way only the finest glass can be.


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Another great way to help stay cool during these long summer heat waves. Inspired by the aesthetics of jet engines to ensure reliability and built entirely out of cast aluminum and steel to ensure durability. each individual blade is perfectly balanced to ensure years of smooth and quiet operation – ‘venti’ stands as an excellent example of modern industrial design, perfect for home or business. Buy it here.

Princeton Architectural Press


Today I received, via US mail my review copies of 'Princeton Architectural Press' books, an American publisher that has been publishing fine books on architecture, design, photography, landscape, and visual culture for 25 years. I got Visual Grammar by Christian Leborg, and Design it your self by Ellen Lupton. Believe me, these are the books you want to have at home! They have affordable prices, and amazing qualitie with great themes! You can view also theys blog here, with latest news published.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Michelle Caplan

michelle caplan

I just had to post something about Michelle Caplan, one of my favourite artists. She is a mixed media collage artist from California. Since a young age, she developed a passion for the art of collage, and as she says, today, her work reflects her passion, mixed with her graphic design education. She has already worked at the art department of some of the top publishing houses in New York, and today she is an artist with some of the most amazing modern artwork I've ever seen. She has her artwork available here, and she also writes a blog!

Delicious Days

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Nicky left university in the mid 90s with two passions, internet and food. Then she decided, along with Oliver, to create "delicious days", a fooding blog, today considered one of the 50 top sites by Time. I personaly consider Nickys' blog, with all it's recipes and small presents one of my favourites. It lights everybodys' life with all it's joy and amazing photos.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Peter Callesen


I know I made almost 6 posts today, but I just had to share some of Peter Callesens' work. He makes the most amazing paper sculptures I've ever seen.
As he say: "I find the materialization of a flat piece of paper into a 3D form as an almost magic process - or maybe one could call it obvious magic, because the process is obvious and the figures still stick to their origin, without the possibility of escaping. In that sense there is as well an aspect of something tragic in most of the cuts."
Via Crust Station

Svenskt Tenn


Only the very best and most original thoughts, ideas and creations have the strength and might to survive their originators and give rise to new schools, new cultures and new concepts. This is especially true of artistic creativity in general and interior design in particular. For 80 years, Svenskt Tenn has been one such rare and original concept - a school of its own with a following that extends far beyond our Swedish borders. Amazing patterns mixed with unique style is their legacy!


Danny Mansmith

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After droppingout of art school 15 uears ago, Danny Mansmith began educating him self in the basics of garment design by deconstructing store-bought clothes. He works in his studio/gallery in chicago, as a textile-art designer, sewing and creating amazing sculptures and clothes. His creations include shoulder bags, hats, fabric necklaces and many other brilliant creations. You can buy here!


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Athezza was created by Bruno Martin at Uzés in South France, by selling only productsat the begining. Today they are one of the leading brands in interiors athmosphéres, full of lighness, brightness and life! Here is a sample of their new collection..

Oficina D'encantar


Sonia Morgado, is the creator of Oficina d'Encantar, one of the first crafters I discovered when I started blogging, and I'm still a huge fan of her amazing work, so perfect, coloured and brilliant! Each piece is unique, made with felts, glass beads, sequins and many other beautifull materials. You can see more of her creations here..

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News on Creativando


Creativando, one of the top design brands in Italy and known world wide, is getting better and better with their amazing collections! They pick clean but very atractive patterns, with amazing but simple at the same time shapes! It's worth to visit..

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Friday, August 18, 2006

People - Li Edelkoort

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Li Edelkoort was born 1950, Holand, studied Fashion and Design at Arnhem Fine Arts. She discovered her talent for sensing upcoming trends after becoming a buyer at Bijenkorf, a leading Dutch design store. Her ability to predict trends and consumers necessity brought her to Paris in 1975 where she started to be a full time independent trendsetter. Since then, she has became one of the most influent people in design and fashion industry, predicting for over 31 years, trends, necessity and all that lights peoples' life. In 2003 she received the Netherlands' Grand Seigneur Prize while she was also being considered one of the 25 most influent people in fashion by Time Magazine! She now runs with her team bloom magazine a bi-anual for horti-cultural view of trends in flowers, plants and gardening, view on colour amongst many others.



For over 30 years now, Reisenthel accessories has stood as a symbol for contemporany, inovative design. It's no longer only a tradding company in the tradicional sence. It does not simply concentrate on the purchase and sale for differentaccessories. It develops its own characteristic collections with a special flair and style. For over ten years now, Reisenthel collections carry the unmistakable design of Katja Horst, the head designer for product developement, . Reisenthel has got a very simple, human and practical concept, wich makes theyr collections accessible to everybody..

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Thursday, August 17, 2006


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was created by three graduates who didn't want to have to give up designing and making their own ideas. Sixixis is composed of six (Tom Raffield), ix (Chris Jarratt) and is(Charlie Whinney). They studied 3D Design for Sustainability together at Falmouth College of Arts, which is where it all began. Today they have breathtaking work inspired in curves and dynamic shapes.. And they also give us the possibilite of buying their creations online!

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wishes & heros

2 fl.18

Wishes & Heros started some years ago, when the creative mind "Ricardo" after a graphic design degree, started to run a business of his own! Today, Wishes & Heros is one of the most remarkable crafting and graphic design works in Portugal, and I believe in a few months, this fever will be world wide. He creates incredible 'pocket heros', and graphic illustrations inspired on a very naive though and concept!


Stylish urban one-of-a-kind hand made clothing. Each item is sewn from vintage recycled wool, angora, cashmere, jersey, and other fibers. Anti-Factory is a project comited to creating unique and sweetshop-free apparel and takes pride in re-using, re-styling and re-configuring to support a sustainable environement. You can shop here.

Music Contribution - Lisa Ekdahl

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Lisa Ekdahl, the terribly pretty and talented woman who has become an icon for Scandinavian music, has been in the rise since the 1990’s, emerging remarkably quick and promoting her music internationally, standing out in the jazz and bossanova scenes. Obviously, her success wasn’t only achieved by her awe-inspiring beauty or genuine kindness, but first and foremost by her amazing angel-like voice and ability to pull off a truly recognisable harmony between human and instrument, resulting in a very soft and relaxing genre of music. Stockholm’s very own jazz star has also triumphed in pop music, with hits such as “Vem Vet", genre which is appointed by some critics to be more appropriate for her girlish voice. Ekdahl’s mellow mood and crystalline voice are the key to the success of an artist who, at the age of 35, has edited ten albums, some of which are in her native language, Swedish. Her first album sold 800 000 copies in Scandinavia, which is more than an excuse for you to check out her website and wait for her next album, which has already been previewed!

by Francisca S. Paiva (Music Contributor)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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Fifteen years ago, Catherine Lévi and Sigoléne Prébois got together to give birth to Tsé & Tsé Associeés. Their concept is very simple, freedom in creation! They met in Paris design school "École Nationale Superieure de la création industrielle". As they say, after 15 years together, Catherine and Sigoléne shared pleasures and catastrophes in life and profession. Today Tsé&Tsé is one of the hip and top creative associations in design scene. They create lamps, kitchen accessories, baskets, and all that comes into their creative minds, but everything has got that french taste that we all know so well. And besides this amazing creations, they also have one of the best sites I've ever seen in my blogging life, full of beautifull things, great design and many small secrets to find out! Take a look..


Marie Christophe

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Photo Source: Marie Christophe

Marie Christophe creates breathtaking sculptures made of wire with glosses, and many other poetical objects to give sculptures a special and unique meaning! Amongst her creations, you can buy lamps, candlesticks, and other amazing scultpures with animal shapes, and many others.. She developed a new concept of interiors where people can live with authentic pieces of art as beeing part of daily furniture! Her sculptures are all full of an incredable lightness and transparency. She has now a new collection called "sixties" wich has new colors and shapes, but always getting with her main concept! You can buy her creations at Butter and Eggs in New York, Barbare in Paris, and at Xured in Birmingham (UK).. Have fun!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back from a deserved rest!


XT furniture and hand made accessories are allready back from vacacions and full time dedication to a new collection and to a new to a new concept! This is just a small presentation Graça and Xitó from xt done and I believe is remarkable.. I have another xt must have, they're house at Living etc forum, take a look.

LG + Tricia Guild

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The new limited edition Steam Direct Washing Machine from global and regional digital leader LG Electronics and Designers Guild combines state-of-the-art home technology with refreshing and breathtaking interior style. The collaboration has produced four eye-catching home appliances created to challenge the design and function of traditional white goods. It's worth to have one at home!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Talking to Lena Corwin

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Patterns from Eley kishimoto

Lena Corwin started her design carreer some years ago, working for top fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Marthiné + François Girbaud and Jill Stuart. Today she is a textile designer and she owns her own business of home accessories, wich I must say, is fabulous! She uses patterns of her own creation in pillows, plates, coloured neck ties, etc! She also writes daily in her blog! I went talking to her...

Coxi: First of all I must thank you for letting me interview you! It's a huge pleasure for me to have you in Life*Fever.
Tell us about you!

Lena Corwin: I work from a studio in my home, designing textile patterns, pillows, plates, neck ties, illustrating, drawing, sewing, and trying to grow a business. I also like to explore cities, shop, bike ride, and garden.

Coxi: How do you define your art?

LC: It’s an exploration of whatever is exciting me at the time— which can be really basic, like colors and shapes that I’m drawn to. I go through phases of fascinations with certain design styles. Recently one has been children’s book illustrations of the 1960s, so I’ve explored what is attracting me to that style and re-interpreted it in my own way. Wow, that’s a tough question!

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Coxi: How did you launch your brand into the market?

LC: I’m not very business minded, so I didn’t think much about press and public relations. I sent information to my favorite magazines, and have been thrilled to have my products featured in some of them. The internet has been the best way of “launching” my work. Blogs and websites have changed the way people find new designers. In the past a designer would have to be in a store or a magazine to reach a wide audience. The internet is an amazing tool for independent designers.

Coxi: What's the best time of the day to create?

LC: The morning. I’m a morning person and I wake up with a ton of ideas.

Coxi: Is there a part of you in your creations?

LC: Yes, definitely. All my designs feel really personal. And they reflect my changing styles and moods.

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Coxi: Do you inspirate your self in other designers work - historic or contemporany?

LC: Yes, both. I’m constantly inspired by other artists. There are so many I don’t know where to start. Some of my favorite artists/designers are: Henri Matisse, Frida Khalo, Josef Frank, Vera Neumann, Celia Birtwell, and Tsumori Chisato.

Coxi: What type of music helps you creating?

LC: Usually melodic music, like Elliot Smith and The Shins. But sometimes I need something with more energy. Right now I love the Raconteurs new album.

Coxi: Favorite designer?

LC: Eley Kishimoto, the textile/fashion design duo. Seeing their work is what made me fall in love with textiles and decide to pursue it as a career. They’re still my #1 favorite.

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Coxi: What haven't you worked yet, but you really whant to try it someday?

LC: I would really like to work with ceramics next.

Coxi: What's your latest obsession?

LC: Geometric shapes. I think it has something to do with my Montessori education. We did a lot of drawing and crafts using geometric shapes. We were probably learning math, but since we were drawing I didn’t realize it. Lately I’ve been really drawn to textiles made from these basic shapes.

Coxi: Are you living your ideal lifestyle?

LC: Yes, I feel really lucky that I am. I really wish I were traveling more though.

Coxi: What do you love and hate about NYC?

LC: I love the people, the culture and diversity. And the energy and drive that New Yorker have. I love the fashion and creativity. I hate how exhausting it can be sometimes.

Coxi: What's your favorite piece of art you have at home?

LC: I love this question, but it’s so hard to choose. My painting by Elizabeth Schuppe is my newest piece of art and I love it so much.

Coxi: What can't you live without?

LC: Art. and my family.


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Kartell Spa began in Milan in 1949 as a manufacturer of car accessories, but under the direction of Giulio Castelli, its main objective after 1951 became that of introducing Plastics into the home. Kartell has some important designs by some of the worlds most important designers, Joe Colombo, Philippe Starck, Vico Magistretti, Ron Arad and many more, who all appreciate the wealth of knowledge that Kartell has about Plastics technology and the innovative ways in which it can be effectively applied to items for modern living

Cool Mobile


AU by Kddi launched some months ago theyre mobile designed by Marc Newson.. Considered today one of the most fashionable mobiles.. Now they launched theyre 2006 collection, and believe me, it's worth to see it!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Katrin Arens

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Nova imagem

Amelia and Katrin Arens both brands from the german designer Katrin Arens! After taking a degree in economy and comerce and visual comunicacion, she started participating in many collective exhibitions! Some years later she started her own brand, "Katrin Arens" of hand made furniture, with a very ethnical style! After lot's of success, in 2003 Katrin launches her second brand, "Amelia", this time for kids clothing! And today after so many creative years I must say: Congratulations Katrin for this amazing work..


I just have to tell you that while I was surfing on Ana Romero blog, i discovered an amazing Illustrator! It's a blog, there is no author name, and wich I can't do a coment to reach out to the creator! The blog is "la mia vita senza cuore", and the illustrations are trully amazing.. Specialy a sketch made on the wall of her/his studio!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Photo Credit: Rachel Sumpter

When I started linking Design-Milk, I didn't know I was going to stop, many links later, into Rachell Sumpter website! I had saw some of her work, in one of those days, a long time ago and the image was still in my mind! And know that I discovered her website, I believed I should share this amazing artist with you!


Camila Pitanga, the brazilian actress is the star of Melissa launching campaign spring/summer! The new collection is already in São Paulo Fashion Week catwalks, and making an huge success! With the Tropical theme, Melissa created a collection inspired in fruits and flavours names, full of ethnic references.. Camila gives soul to this collection, of course! You must see the campaign Making-of video!
And believe me, Melissa collection is one of the most funtastic shoe collection I've ever seen! I wish I could show you all that is not in the website, but that those are the most beautifull!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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When I first discovered 6 clever I was dazled with so much beauty in one single object! Marizia Chierichetti is a trully creator from Milan, who moved six years ago to Tzavo, Africa.. And surrounded with so much beauty, she created her own brand, very ethnic in an European style, as she says! You must check out her creations, it's worth! You'll find furniture, lamps and even jewellery made from local materials!


Antoine et Lili started in 1994, with a women fashion line in Paris! 10 years later they have 10 shops arround the globe and a interiors and kids line! And of course, an amazing website! Theyre creations are very coloured and fun!

details at a beautifull house!

I had the oportunity of visiting Hippyxics house and believe me it's worth! Her interiors formation, her role in habitat and Graça Viterbo, and above all her natural skills gave birth to an amazing house! Check out some fun details I found!

Thank you Maria!

Yesterday I received a present from Maria Vettese, from "port2port press" and believe me, her prints are amaizing.. above all they are pure! You can buy her printings here!
Thank you so much Maria!


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